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EFSA Management Board: gedeeltelijke vernieuwing

Deadline: 19 juli 2019

The European Commission is currently organising a selection procedure to replace 7 out of 14 members of the Management Board of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) whose mandates will expire on 30 June 2020.

The Management Board is responsible for the general monitoring of the work of the Authority to ensure that it carries out its mission and performs the tasks assigned to it in accordance with its mandate and within a culture of independence and transparency. The Management Board also appoints the Executive Director and members of the Scientific Committee and the Scientific Panels. The Management Board is composed of 14 members plus a representative of the European Commission. Four of the members shall have their background in organisations representing consumers and other interests in the food chain.

Voor meer informatie, zie Call for expressions of interest Application form and declaration of interest form


Cursus: Novel methods and approaches in health risk assessment

Datum: 18-22 november, 2019

Plaats: Stockholm, Zweden

Georganiseerd door: Institute of Environmental Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

Deadline voor aanmelding: 13 september 2019

The course is intended for PhD students and other participants from academia as well as participants from authorities and industry.

Meer informatie en aanmelding via de website van Karolinska Institutet

Cursus: Risk-benefit assessment in foods: methods for quantifying health effects

Datum: 5-14 november 2019

Plaats: Lyngby Campus, Denemarken

Georganiseerd door: The National Food Institute, Technical University of Denmark

Deadline voor aanmelding: 1 oktober 2019

The full time eight-day PhD-course has a multidisciplinary focus, including nutrition, toxicology and microbiology, and will learn the participants how the combined health risks and benefits associated to food intake can be assessed and quantified.

International PhD students and other interested researchers are welcome to join the course.  

Meer informatie: website Danmarks Tekniske Universitet

Conferentie: Research on air quality: sources, health effects and outlook

Datum: 17 oktober 2019

Plaats: Cité Universitaire, Parijs, Frankrijk

Georganiseerd door: ANSES en ADEME

Deadline voor aanmelding: registratie opent binnenkort 

ANSES and ADEME will join to host a one-day conference event to present the results of research projects funded by the two institutions on the topic of indoor and outdoor air quality. More specifically, recent scientific advances will be presented regarding the characterisation of pollutant sources, exposure to substances of high concern, effects on human health and means of action.

Please note that while this event is free of charge, registration is mandatory.
This event will be held in French only.

Voor meer informatie: website Anses

Workshop: Physicochemical characterization of nano-sized particles in food

Datum: 19 en 20 september 2019

Plaats: 19 september in Tervuren en 20 september in Brussel, België

Georganiseerd door: Sciensano - the Belgian institute for health

Deadline voor aanmelding: 3 september 2019

The scope of the workshop:

  • The workshop will provide training to young and experienced researchers on the measurement approach for the physicochemical characterization of nanosized particles in food additives (including E171 and E174) and in food products by transmission electron microscopy (TEM).
  • The participants will gain practical experience in sample/TEM-specimen preparation and in the application of the ParticleSizer software for the analysis of TEM images.
  • The analytical capacities of state-of-the-art methodologies to implement guidance and legislation based on (automated) analytical TEM will be illustrated and demonstrated.

The second day is technical/practical but it is possible to register only for the first day. Registration is free.

To register for the workshop, please complete the registration form

Ancel Keys International Seminar on Mediterranean Diet and Sustainable Nutritional Policies

Datum: 30 september – 4 oktober 2019

Plaats: Ascea Marina, Salerno, Italië

Deadline voor aanmelding: 31 augustus 2019

The 2nd Ancel Keys International Seminar is intended to provide a contribution to this important goal by giving start to a high-level teaching action aiming at: 1) providing young researchers and health professionals in the broad nutritional field the basic instruments to mature full knowledge and awareness of the problems inherent to the implementation of a modern effective Mediterranean-like dietary pattern; 2) helping generate an international young investigators and field workers network highly qualified to take action and develop synergic initiatives for the revitalization and diffusion of the Mediterranean diet worldwide.

The Seminar is based on a unique model of dynamic and interactive teaching of both the theoretical and the practical aspects of Mediterranean diet with Faculty lectures held by prestigious Italian and foreign experts, short talks given by the Seminar participants on specific issues possibly dealing with the tradition and the culinary habits of their own countries, guided visits to factories and farms recognized for their excellence in the production of typical Mediterranean foods, preparation by participants subgroups of research or intervention protocols to be implemented in their own countries.

The Seminar will accept a maximum of 30 participants each year. Essential requirements for access to the Seminar will be 1) a documented engagement in research or professional level in the area of nutrition, food production or gastronomic science (e.g., the possession of a valid degree in the biomedical and/or nutritional field) and 2) a fair knowledge of English.

The participants will individually take care of their own travel expenses and will provide a contribution to the organizational costs by paying a registration fee of € 600 (€ 450 for accommodation in double occupancy rooms). A reduction of about 1/3 of the registration fee will be made available for special cases (e.g., candidates with meet the essential requirements and are coming from more remote and/or disadvantaged areas).

Find out more by visiting the Seminar website: www.mediterraneandietseminar.org


Applicability of a food chain analysis on aquaculture of Atlantic salmon to identify and monitor vulnerabilities and drivers of change for the identification of emerging risks
The objective of Aquarius project was to test the applicability of a food chain analysis on Atlantic salmon farmed in Norway to identify and monitor vulnerabilities and drivers of change for the identification of emerging risks. To this end, a comprehensive literature review was conducted complemented with expert views collected by on‐line questionnaires and in‐depth interviews.

Zie: publicatie efsa

Food Safety Regulatory Research Needs 2030

This is an outcome of a consultation with EFSA partner organisations and stakeholders. Zie: editorial


Public consultation on the active substance gibberellic acid

Deadline: 22 juli 2019

Zie: EFSA website

Public consultation on the active substance abamectin

Deadline: 29 juli 2019

Zie: EFSA website

Public consultation on the active substance Purpureocillium lilacinum strain PL11

Deadline: 12 augustus 2019

Zie: EFSA website

Public consultation on the active substance Lenacil

Deadline: 28 augustus 2019

Zie: EFSA website

Public consultation on the active substance Bacillus amyloliquefaciens IT-45

Deadline: 3 september 2019

Zie: EFSA website

Public consultation on the draft protocol for the assessment of hazard identification and characterisation of the sweeteners

Deadline: 6 september 2019

Zie: EFSA website

Horizon Europe

Deadline: 8 september 2019

Please be informed on the public online consultation on Horizon Europe, the next EU R&I Framework Programme. More information is available via this link. The inputs from the consultation will inform the work to prepare a Strategic Plan for the first four years of Horizon Europe (2021-2024), which will then guide the related work programmes and calls for proposals. We suggest this is an important opportunity to which you may want to contribute and bring across food safety research needs and other research priorities that you see.


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