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Conferentie: Food Day 2019: Sustainable and Healthy Foods for the Future

Datum: 28 augustus 2019
Plaats: University of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg C, Denmark
Deadline voor aanmelding: 21 augustus 2019

The presentations at the Food Day will inspire and draw perspectives on Sustainable Food Production trends and related research. Presentations will be given by international and national key persons form industry and research. The purpose is to give a good overview on state of the art of research and industry development today and how it can be utilized and further developed together with industry.
The latest advances in research will be presented in three tracks all related to the World-class Food Innovation towards 2030 - strategy develop by the Danish food industry and suppliers. The three tracks are:

  • Food production through circular economy
  • Food design – from molecular interaction to excellent eating
  • Foods and diets contributing to health and well-being

Voor meer informatie en registratie, zie website University Copenhagen

Scientific colloquium: Plant Health at the Age of Metagenomics

Datum: 26 September 2019
Plaats: Paris, France 
Deadline voor aanmelding: 30 augustus 2019
Georganiseerd door: European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization (EPPO) and the Euphresco network for phytosanitary research coordination and funding

The EPPO/Euphresco Colloquium ‘Plant Health at the age of metagenomics’ will bring together scientists and regulators who are involved in plant health. By sharing experiences and information, together we can better understand the possibilities that metagenomics offers and how to use the vast amounts of information that will become available to improve protection of plant health. A crucial question is what makes a new species that is detected a threat, and warrants phytosanitary action? What in the genome, the proteins and other molecules of a pest makes it potentially invasive in a new region or a risk to a new host? If we shift the focus from pests only to the interaction between plants and pests one can ask what in a plant makes it a host, or more (or less) susceptible to damage by the pest?

This colloquium is a very good opportunity to discuss the challenges associated with the study of the genome of pests, populations, and plants, and the opportunities offered to obtain information about which plants are hosts, the extent of damage the pest could cause in a host and the way in which we could mitigate the effect of the pest. In the same way that I see the benefits of the rapid developments in sequencing and bioinformatic analysis capacity, I am looking forward to the fast development of data interpretation, in particular concerning information relevant to the interaction between pests and plants and thereby to the management of pests and diseases.

Zie onderstaande links voor de agenda en registratie.



Conference: International Conference on Food Contaminants: Challenges on Risk Assessment

Datum: 26 - 27 september 2019
Plaats: Aveiro, Portugal
Georganiseerd door: Food and Nutrition Department of the National Institute of Health in close collaboration with the Centre for Environmental and Marine Studies (CESAM) of the University of Aveiro

This multidisciplinary congress provides a forum for both internationally established and young researchers to exchange advanced knowledge on Food Contaminants and Human Health.

The congress will include keynote lectures given by world-renowned scholars, in addition to oral and poster presentations. Several sessions will cover developments and new challenges in risk assessment.

Voor meer informatie, zie website ICFC

Symposium: Final Conference of the BfR Consumer Conference on Genome Editing in the Field of Nutrition and Human Health

Datum: 30 September 2019
Plaats: Berlin, Germany
Georganiseerd door: BfR
Language: German, final report to be available in English.
Voor meer informatie en aanmelding, zie website BfR


Public consultation on the active substance Beauveria bassiana 203

Deadline: 16 September 2019

Zie: website EFSA

Public consultation on the active substance daminozide

Deadline: 23 September 2019

Zie: website EFSA

Vacatures bij EFSA

  • Scientific Officer - Toxicology
  • Data Officer
  • Talent Selection Officer

Deadline voor sollicitatie op bovenstaande vacatures: 10 september 2019.

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EFSA Guest Programme Call 2019: Guest Scientists & Professionals 

Deadline voor sollicitatie: 31 december 2019

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