Frequently Asked Questions about Babboe cargo bikes (update 26-04-2024)

On 15 February 2024, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) instructed Babboe to stop selling cargo bikes because their safety cannot be sufficiently guaranteed. The cargo bikes can be sold again when it has been sufficiently demonstrated that they are safe, among other things by means of full technical documentation to be submitted to the NVWA. The NVWA also demanded a recall of cargo bikes that present a serious safety risk.

Babboe announced on 27 February that it would recall and replace a number of types of cargo bikes. On 2 April, Babboe launched a recall of several more bikes. The company also said it would carry out repairs on some other types of cargo bikes. For information on which ruling applies to your cargo bike, visit the Babboe website

The company must provide technical documentation to the NVWA showing that the bicycles are safe again after repair. The assessment for the Babboe City Mountain has now been completed: the inspection and repairs proposed by Babboe can be carried out. After the repairs have been carried out, the cargo bike can be used again.

For all other Babboe cargo bikes, the advice remains not to use them until the technical documentation shows that the cargo bikes are safe after repair. The NVWA thus monitors the safety of consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions